Storage Fees

​$3 Per Lot Per Day

*READ THIS SECTION.  (Fee Example - 10 lots = 30 bucks.... A DAY).  This is for items sold and for items listed but unsold at auction.  Understand that we need to revolve our seller's inventory.  Storage fees start applying the 8th day after the auction that the item was listed or sold in.  We are very firm on this policy.  We don't want to have to charge this fee so please pickup your items as soon as possible.  If necessary, Call for an appointment to pickup items outside of our normal business hours.  If you need items shipped contact us by phone at 574-226-0705 or email us at to make arrangements.

Listing Fee

$3 Per Lot.​  The listing fees help cover the cost in the time it takes to describe, photograph and list your items to our auction site.  This is a small flat rate fee no matter the selling price of the auction.

​Online Auction Service


Seller's Premiums

18% - Items selling for $499.99 or less.
12% - Items selling for between $500.00 and $1199.99
​  8% - Items selling for $1200.00 or more

*All Seller's Premiums are applied to the final selling price

​​​Fees are necessary for us to be able to provide you with a platform to sell your belongings, overstock or excess inventory.  We want you to keep as much of your profit as possible while we do the work.  Below is a summary of the typical fees that may apply to you as a buyer or seller.  Other fees and Further details can be found in our Auction Agreement.

Disposal Fees

​$10 Per Lot

*Disposal Fees are necessary if listed items do not sell and are not picked up by the sellers.

Buyer's Premiums

10% - If Paid with Credit Card

  7% - If Paid in Cash or Bank Certified Check (NO Personal Checks)​

*Tip* - Speed up your pickup by paying online.